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YG informed the police about the person who spread Jennie’s private pictures (BLACKPINK)

Regarding whether the images were altered or not, they made no comments.

According to YG Entertainment’s announcement, they will file a lawsuit against the company who first distributed Jennie’s private images.


YG Entertainment has revealed that they would file a lawsuit against the person who first distributed Jennie’s private photos in a statement given to several media sources, including Xportnews.

Jennie là ai ở Blackpink?“YG Entertainment would like to announce.

We have formally asked the authorities to look into who first distributed BLACKPINK Jennie’s private photos. In September, after gathering information and keeping an eye on the situation, we filed our complaint.Jennie Kim – "Viên ngọc quý" của thế giới thời trang cao cấp | Tập đoàn dệt may Việt Nam

In the past, YG has chosen not to speak or state our opinion in order to lessen the harm. However, we realized that we could no longer ignore the widespread dissemination of gossip, criticism, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and invasions of privacy that came with the intimate photos. As a result, we want to make it clear that we are initiating legal action to make things right.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) chứng minh đẳng cấp “đẹp từ trong trứng” qua ống kính củ

Strong legal action is being taken by YG against posts that harm our artists’ reputations. We would like to let you know that this case has been filed for violations of the Information and Communication Network Act, unauthorized information and dissemination, and obscene use of communication medium.

Chi tiết nhỏ hé lộ bí quyết mặc đẹp của Jennie (BLACKPINK), có thể học theo dễ dàng!-Thời trang

To stop further harm in the future, we will aggressively pursue every legal option. Regardless of the motivations behind them and without the subject’s consent, photos that were shared online were unlawfully distributed. Sharing these images might be punished legally as a secondary offense. We kindly request that you refrain from hastily disseminating them.

To safeguard our artists’ rights and interests, YG Entertainment will keep up its diligent efforts. – YG Entertainment. “

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