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V (BTS) set the record for selling the highest K-pop magazine ‘Vogue Korea’ in China with more than 72,000 copies in just one note

In the most recent issue of “Vogue Korea,”  V of BTS, became the first person to receive six covers. When he was featured exclusively as a magazine cover model for the first time, he set the record.

Chinese fans of Taehyung gave him their complete support for his debut solo magazine cover despite the government of China’s recent crackdown on K-pop.

Chinese fans have bought a total of 72,852 copies of V’s “Vogue Korea” magazine through a variety of venues, according to revised sales data issued on October 2.

While the remaining sales were made by Chinese fans individually through different e-commerce sites, 50,225 sales came through a group order arranged by his fanclub, “Baidu Vbar.”

With a group order sale of 49,000 copies, a member of another K-pop group previously held the record, placing Taehyung at the top of the sales list for K-pop performers.

Since Taehyung has been the most well-liked BTS member since the group’s formative years, Taehyung’s great sales in China may not surprise most people.

Taehyung continues to be the member who receives the most searches on Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, and has the highest index on Wechat, the biggest instant messaging service in China, according to data from September.

‘China Vbar’ has also begun the first of their many birthday efforts this year by posting an advertisement on all six of Taehyung’s ‘Vogue Korea’ magazines, even though his birthday is still three months away.

Along with his impressive performance in China, Taehyung’s “Vogue Korea” cover became the most popular magazine on Ktown4u, the most well-liked online retailer for lovers of K-pop worldwide. By achieving 50,000 sales in less than two weeks, he demonstrated his strong sales abilities.

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