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The best movies made Dylan Wang’s name, become a popular star

The Chinese actor is well known throughout the world.

Chinese actor Wang He Di is also known by his stage name Dylan Wang. He first became famous after winning the reality competition “Super Idol,” which launched him into the acting world and ultimately the entire entertainment industry.

We’ll look at some of his best performances today:

Meteor Garden:

When the Japanese manga series “Boys Over Flowers” was remade in Chinese, it became the next widely watched adaptation of the work, and Dylan Wang made his acting debut as Daoming Si, a well-known lead character. After playing this part, he catapulted to stardom on a global scale and instantly became well-known.

Ever Night:

Dylan Wang joined the cast of the program’s second season and played the aspirational role of MC in the fantasy drama. He replaced Arthur Chen, who played the part in the first season. The audience appreciated his numerous outstanding performances in all of his scenes.

The Rational Life:

In this office romance drama, Dylan played the part of a young man who is in love with his boss and acted opposite Qin Lan. Dylan Wang was well-liked for his portrayal of the younger assistant to a woman trying to surpass society’s expectations of her.

Love Between Fairy and Devil:

In this fantasy drama based on a book, Dylan Yu plays the devil to Esther Yu’s fairy while posing as the great man on a mission. The general public enjoys his acting as they witness him fall in love with a problematic fairy who has poor abilities. She is delicate and caring, unlike to him who is daring and strict. The excellent casting and production value of the presently airing show are being praised.

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