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The best movies made Dylan Wang’s name, become a popular star

The Chinese actor is well known throughout the world. Chinese actor Wang He Di is also known by his stage name Dylan Wang. He first...

BTS delights fans by holding their manager’s baby, the child’s face becomes the center of attention again

With the infant, Jungkook and V also shared some touching moments. BTS's manager Song Ho Bum enjoys sharing cute images of his kids on his...

BLACKPINK becomes first female K-pop group to top Billboard 200

Blackpink's album Born Pink was released a few weeks ago, and the girls are setting records across a variety of platforms. The most recent one...

Dylan Wang is praised for taking care of his female co-star by buying food as gifts

Actor Dylan Wang pulled a reversal to place a surprise delivery order of yuxiang shredded pork and pork ribs with potatoes for his co-star...

V (BTS) set the record for selling the highest K-pop magazine ‘Vogue Korea’ in China with more than 72,000 copies in just one note

In the most recent issue of "Vogue Korea,"  V of BTS, became the first person to receive six covers. When he was featured exclusively...

Rosé (BLACKPINK) turned into a goddess at the dinner party in Saint Laurent with a luxurious look

The major attraction of Saint Laurent's show during Paris Fashion Week, which began on September 26, was in fact BLACKPINK's Rose. The BLACKPINK member showed...

Dylan Wang captivates fans with his cool and handsome appearance that dominates the entertainment industry

Due to his incredibly handsome and alluring features, Dylan Wang has become a new generation's masculine idol. Vietnamese and Chinese audiences are eagerly anticipating every...

Fans are excited that BTS might appear in Netflix’s hit series ‘Bridgerton’

This information makes worldwide fans of BTS excited and waiting. BTS commonly appears as cameos in movies and television series, either through references to individual...

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