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Fans are excited that BTS might appear in Netflix’s hit series ‘Bridgerton’

This information makes worldwide fans of BTS excited and waiting.

BTS commonly appears as cameos in movies and television series, either through references to individual members or music cues. BTS appeared in several K-Dramas this year alone, including Our Blues, Love All Play, Business Proposal, My Liberation Notes, The Neighborhood, and the HBO Max.

BTS está nuevamente de regreso y anuncia concierto en Corea del Sur

One of BTS’s songs may now show up in the popular historical drama Bridgerton on Netflix. With just its premiere, Bridgerton reached 82 million households!

Pop and rock, metal, emo, punk, techno, country, and hip-hop are among the musical styles covered by the American band Vitamin String Quartet as they pay homage to well-known musicians. Although frequently in Bridgerton, their covers have been on the TV shows Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, House, and Modern Family.

Vitamin String Quartet recently polled ARMYs on Twitter to find out which BTS song they wanted to hear in Season 3 of Bridgerton. To grab fans’ attention, they used the hashtags BTS and Bridgerton.

A short while after, Vitamin String Quartet announced that they will be releasing a BTS cover album that included their songs. “IDOL,” their debut single, was recently released.

We don’t see any reason why at least one cover by Vitamin String Quartet shouldn’t be featured in Bridgerton Season 3!

Jimin from BTS was previously recreated by ARMY for the covers of well-known TV programs like Bridgerton. We therefore have a sneaking suspicion that not just one of BTS’s songs but also one of its members might appear in the program.

Bridgerton is also a favorite of Jungkook’s! During an Instagram Q&A, he mentioned that he had seen it all.

Therefore, if BTS actually appeared in the drama series, that would be awesome!

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