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Dylan Wang is praised for taking care of his female co-star by buying food as gifts

Actor Dylan Wang pulled a reversal to place a surprise delivery order of yuxiang shredded pork and pork ribs with potatoes for his co-star Qin Lan, borrowing a phrase from the proverb “the road to a man’s heart is via his stomach.”

“Tôi vừa về đến nhà, và có một chuyến giao hàng tận nơi rất lạ!  Khoai tây cũng rất ngon @Wang Hedi Dylan , ” nữ diễn viên cho biết sau khi phát hiện ra đơn đặt hàng mang đi bất ngờ của mình.

When asked why the shredded It’s what Qi Xiao, played by Dylan, specially prepared for Shen Ruo Xin, played by Qin Lan, on their show The Rational Life, as fans of their new drama series will know. I mean, how adorable is that, extra publicity or not?

Currently, Qin Lan and Dylan Wang are the main actors in the contemporary love story The Rational Life. If a noona-dongsaeng romance is your thing, you might like Qin Lan’s Shen Ruo Xin, a 33-year-old manager who is being sought by two men: her much younger assistant Qi Xiao and the bachelor company vice president Xu Minjie.

Shen Ruo Xin must determine if her happiness with Qi Xiao outweighs society’s expectations of what is suitable, much to Victoria Song’s character in the 2020 film Find Yourself, who is divided between doing what society says and following her heart.

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