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BTS delights fans by holding their manager’s baby, the child’s face becomes the center of attention again

With the infant, Jungkook and V also shared some touching moments.

BTS’s manager Song Ho Bum enjoys sharing cute images of his kids on his Instagram page.

The BTS members’ treatment of their manager’s children when they were just infants was highlighted in one of his most recent videos, which attracted notice.

BTS posed for a photo with their manager’s infant while they were backstage for a performance with their staff. Fans were thrilled by the adorably comical image, which featured Jungkook pouting and Suga and Jimin grinning as they cuddled the sobbing infant. Thankfully, it wasn’t the only touching scene with the baby.

The infant stared at V affectionately as he held him close, and the idol reciprocated.

The infant fascinated Jungkook just as much, and he made expressions at them simply to see how happy they were.

Fans’ hearts immediately warmed upon witnessing BTS being so tender with their manager’s infant.

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